Why choose Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington?

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What makes you different than other providers? Why do I want to choose you?

This question is hard for a person that avoids competition and confrontation. Hi my name is Meredith, founder of the Birth & Wellness Center, and I’m an enneagram 9w8. What that means is that the idea of me being involved in competition and confrontation literally make me want to go home and close my blinds and turn on Grey’s Anatomy…

But then give me something I’m passionate about and that passion runs so deep that I’m willing to forget all of that and lose all cares about how things make people feel and stand up. If it’s something I’m passionate about (truth) and it makes a person uncomfortable, then it should make them uncomfortable. Don’t worry, those topics will be for a different day.

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Anyway, this question is asked often in consultations. My super awesome web designer Sarah, The Website Doula, has asked me several times and I have procrastinated finding an answer. For some reason tonight at midnight it hit me when I saw the big team photo of all of us wearing our “as strong as the woman next to me” tees. My super awesome director of media and community outreach had asked me to write a caption for the photo. I knew I wanted to write about why I chose that shirt but I didn’t know what to say, only how I felt.

arlington birth and wellness center team

There are 14 women in this photo, from all different backgrounds, different ages, different ethnicities, different personalities. All 14 of us are wearing a shirt that says “as strong as the woman next to me.”

The words came. My caption for the image says this: I saw this t-shirt on social media and it stopped me in my tracks. This. Yes.

If you want to be strong, build up the women around you. If you want to be resilient, come what may, invest in the humans around you. This is our team and this is our heart. Our heart is to facilitate community in a way that builds each other and our people up. Encourages. Supports. Thrives.

We want to see our clients as well as each other succeed. THATS how we know we succeed. We. WE. Are a team. This photo means the world to me. Every woman in this photo overflows with love.

It isn’t always easy. In fact, this year, most of the time it’s hard. There’s weakness. And when we see weakness, we pour. Pour ourselves, our love, our hearts, our lives. And we pour until we see strength. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I just passed the 2 year anniversary of when I got into this building that is now my dream and I could not be more proud. Proud of my sister-midwives, my chiropractor friends, my doula team, my media rockstar, my postpartum care coordinator and admin, my partners, my clients and myself. We have worked. As the founder I can confidently say that we have surpassed my dreams (and it was far more challenging than I ever expected) and we’re only going further. Because we’re “as strong as the woman next to me.”

So why choose us?

We love. We care. We listen. We believe. But most of all we want to support you.

Our goal is that YOU thrive. That YOU are healthy and feel good. That YOU are safe. That YOU have the birth you want. And we are 14 women who are driven to see you succeed. We want to walk alongside you.

We’ll be as strong as you, the woman standing next to us. When we see weakness, we will pour. It’s our heartbeat.

Choose us because by some divine ordination, fifteen entrepreneur-angel-women, of varying specialties, with hearts of gold walked through the door at 1001 W Randol Mill Rd and joined together with a common goal: to love and provide quality, safe care; to pour their lives out to see that you’re taken care of, to invite you into their own lives and welcome you into their hearts.

What makes us different?

We want everyone to have access to care like this.

We have developed business models to serve people that otherwise could not have had access to this care. We have created Medicaid Sponsorships. It not only takes the cost of a standard self-pay person (at community standard rates) and covers the cost of care for a person who qualifies, but it builds community. When a client says “let me know if you have a mama in need”, and later someone is sitting in front of me, third trimester pregnant, and starts with “we’ve lost everything”, community happens. When a client says “let me know if you have any clients that need groceries” in March, and in September a need is seen by our staff, community happens. Needs are met. Sometimes the moms meet and walk the journey together. Sometimes it’s only a note of encouragement passed along with the groceries that says “to a beautiful woman.”

In this season of life, what will heal us is this community.

My implication is NOT that other practices don’t serve in some capacity. My implication is that we aren’t just a birth center with midwives and holistic providers. We will take care of your pregnancy and provide you with labs and sonograms and all the things a doctors office would. We will listen and give you 30-60 minute appointments with one on one time and our cell phone numbers and let your family be involved and your partner catch your baby at your water birth. We’re more than that. Community is happening. Healing is happening.

We’d love to have you, if this is what you crave in your journey through motherhood. And if you want to talk and find out more, book your a free consultation with one of our midwives.

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