Solomon’s Birth Story

birth story with arlington midwives

The birth story of Solomon Baker, born 12/29/19 at 1:22pm

After months of my body showing signs of getting ready and several false alarms I was forced to schedule a hospital induction. Nine long months of enthusiastic planning, painfully organizing our finances to make it work and hopes for a different experience from my hospital birth with my first lead to so much disappointment and anxiety to think of going to a hospital and being induced.

It was a few days before I was at 42 weeks because of them not wanting to schedule on New Year’s Day. Around 12am, before the same night I was going in for induction, I begin to feel some action but didn’t think too much of it. Just to be sure we couldn’t do anything my midwife wanted me to come by the birthing center to check me that afternoon.

The contractions increased rapidly after 8am and I realized it may be more than a false alarm. My husband quickly came back home and my midwife had me go ahead and come in since she was getting to the birthing center earlier than planned. She was planning on sending my back home but she was hopeful it was the real deal.

I began to have much stronger contractions and we all realized it was actually happening and I went to a birthing room instead of going home! I called in my doula because we all could see I was going fast. She rushed over and all of it was just a few short hours.

In the moment I was second guessing myself with how painful it was, thinking I would have to endure for a long period but 1-2 hours with with no breaks between contractions.

Then everyone was shocked I was ready to push and he came right out! We arrived for the check/visit at 10am (3cm dilated) and shortly after 1pm Solomon was here! My placenta took right at the one hour mark to come out so again, just in time, we missed having to go to the hospital.

We found out that Solomon had a twin we didn’t know about that miscarried early in the pregnancy and we named him Joseph. I am so thankful that an experienced midwife was able to see him so we could know his story and his place in our family. Solomon was perfect and amazing and by 6pm I was home in my bed snuggling my sweet newborn.

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