A holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and women’s health for the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

Imagine your pregnancy journey being honored and valued. Imagine your team of providers spending unhurried time with you, getting to know you personally and believing in you. Imagine having trusted resources to pathways of natural support for your body instead of treatment of issues. Imagine a new experience in healthcare.
At Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington, this is the radical care that you will receive. This is your journey, we would be honored to join you.


We will... HEAR you. RESPECT you. PROTECT you. BELIEVE in you.

Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington is committed to being part of the change in Dallas Fort Worth. Our team of midwives, chiropractors, doulas & more is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

The birth center was established in 2019, but it began years before in 2015, as a dream, when our founder Meredith was a student midwife. She was planning to move overseas to serve a population where obstetric healthcare provision is sparse and maternal and infant mortality rates are devastating. She then began to learn that in Texas we have the highest birth-related mortality rates in the developed world and even more devastating, the reasons behind our poor statistics. She also realized that midwifery care is simply not accessible to every demographic. The convictions she felt drove a passion and became part of her dreams. Those dreams became a birth center...