Take a look around! Our birth center has been designed in great detail with you in mind. With a goal of creating a sacred space of peace, we were intentional with every piece of art, every color choice, every inspirational quote. Our goal is that you are comfortable and secure, with a deep sense of belonging.

We offer free tours and private consultations with one of our midwives, to answer any questions you may have. Email us at or call 817.962.0004 to schedule a tour!

arlington birth and wellness center


Our large birth center waiting area offers comfortable seating, a fireplace, displays of our merch: supplements, baby essentials and apparel, a large, free lending library and a coffee bar. Plenty of hidden outlets and café tables as well as an art station for the kiddos. In addition to the indoor waiting area, we have an outdoor waiting area on our beautiful deck and the long hallway of windows with peaceful, quiet seating areas. We offer a full kitchen for client use as needed in labor or if your prenatal appointment is during your lunch break!

arlington birth center


Our large clinic rooms provide maximum space for the whole family to attend prenatal appointments, emphasizing our family-centered care. They are furnished with comfortable seating for our unhurried appointments as well as toys and books to entertain the big brothers and sisters. The largest clinic room converts to a fully functioning third birth room in case the need ever arose for us to utilize a third birth room.

Our chiropractors have a beautiful exam room setup for their top of the line technology, tools and equipment.

Our massage therapist has her own room with total blackout curtains, a blue tooth speaker, diffusers and an exceptionally peaceful ambiance, in a separate part of the building, away from the other exam rooms and offices to offer complete serenity.

The Birthing Suites

The Trinity Suite:

TRIN·I·TY /ˈtrinədē/ noun: a group of three closely related persons working together

This birthing suite features a wet room with a walk in shower big enough for sitting on the birth ball as well as a freestanding oval-shaped pedestal tub, a toilet and sink, all behind double sliding barn doors for your privacy.

The Genesis Suite:

GEN·E·SIS /ˈjenəsəs/ noun: the beginning, the origin or coming into being of something.

This birthing suite features our beautiful, large, round tub, big enough for two. This room also features a private bathroom with toilet and sink.

Both of our beautiful, unique birth center suites are large enough to offer you plenty of space to move around freely during labor. They each have Queen size beds, which provide you room to do spinning babies techniques in labor and family bonding cuddled up in bed after your baby has arrived. Each bed is artfully appointed with great attention to detail to ensure your comfort and rest before and after your delivery.

Both birthing suites are equipped with state of the art emergency medication and equipment. All of which is readily available yet discreetly stored to maintain the comfortable home-like atmosphere.

Our beautifully lit and peaceful deck, which separates the birth center suites from the rest of the building for optimal privacy, provides your friends and family with a comfortable place to wait for your precious arrival.  Behind the birth center we have a lot of land which is the perfect spot for our birthing clients to walk outdoors in labor.