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Meet our Midwives & team

The Birth Arlington team is committed to guiding you through a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum as well as life-long wellness for you and your family.

We are committed to:

Individualized care and informed consent, supporting you as you make the decisions that best fit your family, knowing that no two families are the same.

Honoring your traditions, respecting your beliefs, holding your birth space as sacred.

Only intervening when necessary, knowing that your body knows what to do and that you and your baby are safest following it's natural course.

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We will not only hear you but we will listen. We know that trust is earned and that this journey is safest when trust and respect are highest priority. We believe that these values are not privileges but basic human rights, and we honor that.

Meredith Braudaway


Midwife and Owner of Birth and Wellness Center of Arlington

Her journey to becoming a midwife began years ago when she attended her first birth as a photographer at a freestanding birth center in Fort Worth. She was already pursuing nursing as a career with a focus in Oncology and after witnessing a birth, she decided to pursue a future of working in women’s services.

She worked in labor and delivery at a North Texas hospital while in school. Seeing the vast differences in birth settings during her years of working in-hospital, she made the decision to become a provider in the out-of-hospital birth setting. Her time in midwifery school was divided between Dallas Fort Worth and Seattle, WA, providing her with a wide variety of knowledge and experience.

In her free-time she enjoys going to the movies with friends, outdoor activities, attending concerts and educational conferences and visiting Washington when her schedule allows.

A note from Meredith:
Working in the hospital, I grew more and more aware of the issues surrounding patients not being fully informed, not being given all of their options and not being allowed to exercise their right to make decisions regarding what happens to their bodies and babies. My passion is guiding families through a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum, providing them with a space to make the decisions that they feel are best for their family, ensuring they are heard, supported and protected. Midwifery is the model of care that I want to spend my life providing. I truly love everything about it.

Leslie Jackson CNM


Nurse Midwife, owner of In His Hands Midwifery

Since Leslie was a little girl, she knew she wanted to spend her life helping others. It was when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and living out that journey, that she decided to become a Registered Nurse. After having 4 children of her own, labor and delivery became the passion that drove her career as an RN. But she didn't want to stop there!

After all four of her own babies were born in the hospital and spending 7 years as a labor and delivery nurse, she decided to pursue a career in being an out of hospital birth provider and obtained her masters degree in Nurse Midwifery. In her downtime Leslie enjoys going to the movies with her family, hanging out with friends, boating and visiting Michigan whenever possible.

A note from Leslie:
“Becoming a nurse midwife has been so humbling. I believe I have truly been led down this path, to be with women as they labor and birth their brand new babies into the world. I am proud to be a nurse midwife and even more proud to be a nurse midwife in the out of hospital setting. As a midwife, I am dedicated to being the best midwife that I can be and ensuring that every woman receives the care that they deserve.”

Cait Bourne Midwife


Midwife and Owner of Indie Midwifery

She grew up around midwives in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, and knew at an early age that her calling would be caring for families and catching their babies. After marrying her childhood sweetheart, birthing five of her own at home and moving more than 4,000 miles south, she began my apprenticeship in Dallas, Texas. She has trained under 10 exceptional midwives in hospital, home and birth center settings, while simultaneously completing her long-distance didactic work. Between births and appointments, chauffeuring five children and keeping up with the latest science on evidence-based maternity care, she still finds time to sew quilts, cook bone broth, hike Texas' beautiful state parks, attend jazz concerts and sometimes even sneak back home to visit Alaska.

A note from Cait:
You were born for this. Birth is the single greatest gift that one human can give to another, and you were purpose-built for exactly that. It is a sacred rite of passage, and I am honored to bear witness to it. Sexual orientation should have no bearing on the availability of a safe, compassionate birth experience. I, and the other midwives at BWCA, support birth regardless of where on the sexual identity spectrum parents identify. Every pregnancy deserves a skilled companion who has traveled the road of birth. More than just availability, we build relationship and trust. My clients’ body wisdom informs the birth process. The intimate client-midwife dynamic kindles deep connectedness and genuinely client-led care. These are the core values and the heart of my practice.

gail student midwife


Student Midwife

Gail is a mom to 4 grown kids and 2 fantastic grandkids. Before becoming a midwifery student, she taught high school Biology and Anatomy & Physiology for 10 years but after the birth of her first grandchild, she was drawn into the birth world. She became a doula and a childbirth and breastfeeding educator and loved it, but found that she really wanted to be more involved in her client’s care. After encouragement from her family and other birth workers, she finally started on her path to midwifery. While Gail is primarily a student midwife, you will also see her around BWCA teaching classes or doula-ing at a birth here and there! When she's not at client appointments, a birth or reading a textbook, you can find her enjoying time with her family, friends and Goldendoodles or planning her next traveling adventure.

A note from Gail:
"A note from Gail: I love seeing the continuity of care and watching the clients become more confident in their choices throughout their pregnancy, their determination and strength through their labor, and then their euphoria when they deliver their newborn. I’ve learned that so many women don’t know that they have options in their birth experience. I felt the same way when I had my babies, but I want women to know that birth is natural and they are able to make the decisions that affect their experience."

chiropractor michelle jefferson



Dr. Michelle is excited to serve and support the families of Birth and Wellness of Arlington! Serving in various clinical settings over the last 8 years led Michelle to begin her house call practice in 2017. Her vision was to serve families whose busy schedules may not fit with traditional office hours. She designed her practice with working parents, new moms, and active kids in mind, providing care in home or office settings. She holds certifications in Webster, acupuncture for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She continually works on building her tool box with continued education in perinatal and pediatric classes and seminars.

She spent her childhood traveling the world with her family as a military child. She planted her roots in Dallas after marrying her college sweetheart and beginning their family. She has 3 little ones 13, 9 and 7, that keep her busy outside of practice.

lauren colins chiropractor



Her interest in the human body and healthy living began in undergrad at UT Austin. Once she entered chiropractic school that interest evolved to a full blown passion. Chiropractic exposed her to the holistic health principles and vitalistic philosophy which recognizes that the human body has an innate wisdom and health begins from the inside out. That philosophy resonates with her practice. For fun Dr. Lauren loves collecting plans, staying active, spending time outdoors and hanging out with her boys! (Husband Jonathan, son Luca and their dog Cooper).

A note from Dr. Lauren:
I truly believe amazing things happen when we focus on our BEing and pour into ourselves; our capacity to live in our unique purpose and experience life to the fullest expands. I have been gifted to serve people through chiropractic and other forms of body work to facilitate that process and ignite the innate wisdom that lies within the people I have the privilege to lay hands on from fresh tiny babies on to adults. I am excited to serve you!

Lindsey Massage Therapist



Lindsey Massage Therapist

Lindsey's mission is to provide customized bodywork for every client through compression and movement; increase mobility and restore muscular imbalance to overcome physical stagnancy.

For over 15 years, Lindsey has thrived on helping her clients overcome hardships and setbacks to live their best life. She assesses movement patterns and formulates a customized fascia plan to increase functional movement abilities. The applications of her practice have come from being a dedicated student of the human body, always learning the latest evidence based approaches and techniques.



Director of Media and Community Outreach

If you've interacted with BWCA outside of the walls of the birth center, you've likely interacted with Kara! Kara is the heart and mind behind the smiling face of the birth center as well as the hands and feet that take us further. Our client's love her. She has a heart that loves connecting with each and every member of the @birtharlington family as well as serving the community in ways that go beyond any of the rest of our expertise. Her heart is people. Outside of working with BWCA, Kara works in the college ministry at a local church and enjoys dancing, live country music and spending time with friends and family.

A note from Kara:
Social media is such an easy way to spread brand awareness and promote your business. There are also tons of creative and fun ways to do that! I love being able to help out the women of BWCA in this way.



Postpartum Support Coordinator and Administrative Support

Before Ginny became a postpartum doula, she was a stay at home mom. She spent her days homeschooling her 9 children, helping her husband with their chilldrens' pastorate and encouraging young moms in their church. As her children got older and didn't need her undivided attention, she started helping clients during their immediate postpartum period. In her down time, she enjoys a good cup of coffee and deep conversations. Her hobbies include photography, hiking and being outdoors. She’s currently in the process of renovating a travel trailer for weekend getaways!

A note from Ginny:
"Many new moms today don't have the support they need, in order to feel empowered and equipped to parent their new little ones. One of my most favorite things about being a postpartum doula and Postpartum Support Coordinator is normalizing the craziness that comes with the 4th trimester. I love supporting a new mom with good food, deep conversations about fears and struggles and helping them see that every single mama goes through these same adjustments when a baby arrives. We aren't meant to do motherhood alone and I LOVE the fact that I get to work with clients day in and day out. Working at the Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington falls right in line with my desire to support new families and I find that my work supports the midwives in a way that allows them to focus even more on their clients as we give them the best care available."