our values

We will do our best to guard you and your birth space; honoring your choices, keeping you and your baby safe, respecting your traditions, addressing past trauma, listening and hearing when you speak. We are committed to you. We are committed to educating you on what’s happening with you and your baby. We are committed to staying up on the latest research and continually educating ourselves. We are committed to fully explaining things and obtaining your permission before they happen. We are committed to only intervening when necessary. We are committed to answering our phones 24/7.

We believe in our models of care and desire to be accessible to all people, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, lifestyles and socioeconomic status. We are a safe place for all people, free of judgement.

We will hear you. We will respect you. We will protect you. We will believe in you.

meet the providers


Meredith Braudaway,


(founder, owner, midwife)

Meredith’s journey to becoming a midwife began years ago when she attended her first birth as a photographer, which was at a freestanding birth center in Fort Worth. She was already pursuing nursing as a career and after witnessing a birth decided to pursue a future of working in women’s services. She worked in labor and delivery at a North Texas hospital while in school. Seeing the vast differences in birth settings during her time working there, she grew more and more passionate about patients being informed and being given options that best suit them vs. one system for all people. She believes that all birth settings are valuable and necessary when appropriate. Meredith’s time in midwifery school was divided between Dallas Fort Worth and Seattle, WA, providing her with a wide variety of knowledge and experience. Meredith was born and raised in Arlington, TX. In her free-time she enjoys going to the movies with friends, outdoor activities, attending concerts and educational conferences and visiting Washington when her schedule allows.


Caitlin Bourne, CPM, LM

(Indie Midwifery)

"Midwife" means "with women." Every pregnancy deserves a skilled companion who has traveled the road of birth. Cait grew up around midwives in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, and knew at an early age that her calling would be caring for families and catching their babies. After birthing five of her own (in her bathtub at home), marrying her childhood sweetheart and moving more than 4,000 miles south, she began her apprenticeship in Dallas, Texas. She has trained under 10 exceptional midwives in hospital, home and birth center settings, while simultaneously completing her long-distance didactic work. Between births and appointments, chauffeuring five children and keeping up with the latest science on evidence-based maternity care, Cait still finds time to sew quilts, cook bone broth, hike Texas' beautiful state parks, attend jazz concerts and sometimes even sneak back home to visit Alaska.

Bethany Stricker

Bethany Stricker, CPM, LM

(Bethany Stricker Midwifery)

Bethany spent most of her time growing up near Washington, D.C. She began her journey to becoming a midwife after attending births as a doula for several years. After attending her first out-of-hospital birth, she knew that becoming a midwife and offering the midwifery model of care would allow her to provide the high quality, compassionate care that she believed women deserve. Bethany has had the privilege of training in many different settings including rural home birth practice, solo birth center practice and high-volume birth center practices in Virginia and Texas. She enjoys offering holistic, individualized care to families and serves as the Continuing Education Coordinator for the North Texas Midwives Association and is the co-founder of Abide Women’s Health Services, a non-profit that is bringing free prenatal care to Dallas Fort Worth. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and friends, hiking, reading and knitting.


Jennifer Mozeke, Student Midwife

(Supervised by: Bethany Stricker Midwifery)

Mozeke is a brilliant, talented, senior-level student, who is currently under the supervision of midwife Bethany. She plans to be done with her education and preparing for her board exams in just a few short months! She leaves all clients feeling well-loved and well-supported and her smile brightens all of our days. We’re proud to have her on board!


Dr. Lauren Collins


My interest in the human body and healthy living began in undergrad at UT Austin, and once I entered chiropractic school that interest evolved to a full blown passion. Chiropractic exposed me to the holistic health principles that the human body has an innate wisdom and health begins from the inside out. That philosophy resonated with me so much and just made complete sense! I truly believe amazing things happen when we focus on our BEing and pour into ourselves; our capacity to live in our unique purpose and experience life to the fullest expands. I have been gifted to serve people through chiropractic and other forms of body work to facilitate that process and ignite the innate wisdom that lies within the people I have the privilege to lay hands on from fresh tiny babies on to adults. A couple fun things about me: You'll find me barefoot most of the time, I'm obsessed with personality analysis tests (I can tell you my Meyers, Briggs, DISC, enneagram, you name it) and my idea of a great time is perusing Target with a Starbucks in hand. I'm excited to be here and can't wait to serve you!

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Dr. Michelle Jefferson

(Abundant Life Chiropractic) www.yourhousecalldoc.com

Dr. Michelle is excited to serve and support the families of Birth and Wellness of Arlington! Serving in various clinical settings over the last 8 years led Michelle to begin her house call practice in 2017. Her vision was to serve families whose busy schedules may not fit with traditional office hours. She designed her practice with working parents, new moms, and active kids in mind, providing care in home or office settings.
She spent her childhood traveling the world with her family as a military child. She planted her roots in Dallas after marrying her college sweetheart and beginning their family. She has 3 little ones 13, 9 and 7, that keep her busy outside of practice. She holds certifications in Webster, acupuncture for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She continually works on building her tool box with continued education in perinatal and pediatric classes and seminars.

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“Thus shall we live, because we will have created a society which recognizes that all people are born equal, with each entitled in equal measure to life, liberty, prosperity, human rights and good governance.” – Nelson Mandela