How we are protecting our clients, their families & birth center staff.


  • Each client is asked to come to appointments alone unless it is their initial visit, 36 week visit, early labor assessment or any postpartum appointments that occur in the first two weeks. At those appointments, they can bring one adult support person.
  • We are allowing 15 minute gaps between appointments allowing us to sanitize the rooms, equipment, door knobs and bathrooms.
  • Our waiting room is closed. The beginning of each appointment, the conversational portion is held via telehealth with your midwife. Your midwife will ask that you come into the building for your physical exam. Our goal is to have you in and out of the building in 10 minutes or less.
  • Per the city’s mandate, we are required to have every person who is not a client have their temperature checked at the front door and sign in. NO ONE WITH A TEMP OVER 100.3 WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Everyone who comes in is given gloves at the front door, as well.
  • Staff are to wear masks at all times. We change masks between each appointment.
midwifery care during covid


  • We are allowing each laboring person to have two adult support people with them, when they are admitted to the facility for birth.
  • The waiting room is closed for visitors or waiting family members. We are reducing the amount of time spent at the birth center postpartum, to only what is necessary. If you desire a postpartum herbal bath we will send the herbs home with you, just ask your midwife!
  • Birth team and support people are required to wear masks and gloves throughout the birth.
  • Support people will be required to sign in and have their temperature assessed. Laboring mom’s temperature will be checked more frequently during labor.