Mikahela’s Birth Story

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This is the story of the very first birth at BWCA. 3/8/2019

On a Friday afternoon, in the month of March, our family of 4 was forever changed because we welcomed to earth side our 2nd blessing from heaven. But that epic day did not come without a few days of me thinking baby was telling me “Hi mommy here I come!” to then say “nah, just kidding.”

Wednesday morning, on March 6 I woke up thinking my water started breaking and leaking. Exciting news right?! Contractions at night and then water breaking. Awesome. I was ready to get things going! Well. Yeah, I was ready but baby was not as it ended up being a false alarm. False alarm but still my body had dilated a little. 2cm to be exact. My midwife Meredith always knowing what to say, she told me “hey! Progress is progress!”

Now Friday on March 8th I woke up to having super strong contractions and at some point they were only 5 minutes apart. Great. Yes. Except when I woke up the contractions had separated and became 20 minutes apart. So here we go again, at around 8am headed for the birth center thinking it’s just another day. Only this time when Meredith checked me, I was 8cm. 8cm people! We settled in and got the show really going. Contractions were still irregular. I was glad I had a great support team to help me and help this baby get well positioned and ready to come earth side.

All of those events and my amazing team got me to the much-anticipated point of pushing baby out. But in those last minutes before meeting baby, a big and common lie settled in my head…”I can’t do it.” It was impressive and awe-inspiring to see how everyone surrounded me and came together and gave me the right encouragement.

“Don’t say no puedo! I know what that means! Tu puedes, mi hermana!” Meredith said. And I DID IT. YES. I DID IT.

I gave birth to my baby and the excitement was so high because I had done it. I loved the moment I held my baby and then I looked at Meredith surprised, happy and impressed at the fact of what just had happened. In those first few minutes (which I didn’t say much but kept saying “wow, wow, wow, I did it!”

I looked at her and through my head I thought of how from that first meeting to that point I was so well cared for. I like to say that I got spoiled by God. So finally, on March 8th at 2:51pm, my family and I got to meet my 2nd and beautiful baby girl named Mikahela. I am extremely blessed.

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